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This week meet Bonkosi Alyssa Horn - amazing mama, founder of Vibrant Workshop, yoga teacher-in-training, blogger, radical friend. Bonkosi was one of the first people to believe in Rock Your Bliss when she flew us to her hometown of Philadelphia to lead bliss crafting content for 45 lululemon ambassadors and store teams. This girl definitely knows how to rock her bliss and balance just about everything.

What rocks your bliss? Tapping into my creativity for anything, a ((really)) good hug, yoga, true connection, sharing my experience, seeing others shine, coaching, supporting people to uncover their potential, watching my husband discover his passion and my son discover anything, the change of seasons (especially the summer to fall change.)

Describe your perfect day. An early morning sweaty yoga class, a walk to my favorite coffee shop in the crisp air, time at the beach, a good (kid-friendly) movie on a Sunday afternoon with my husband and little one, laughs with my best friend, a good night’s sleep in fresh white sheets.

Share a huge goal you are rocking? I am just weeks into launching my lifestyle brand and figuring out what it is I want to create. Think style and design meets leadership coaching and life-curating. Style, design, art, goal-rocking, consulting, workshops, community and life's ups and downs all blended into one. Oh, and with some yoga teaching too.

How do you celebrate you? Yoga - sweaty, dancing, soulful yoga. Time spent in a coffee shop alone. A great pair of shoes. Any kind of home good - a rug, side tables, a new throw pillow…the joys of life!

What inspires you? So much. The people in my life. Beautiful raw spaces. A lived-in and manicured home. The beach. Like, a lot. Anyone who owns their personal style. People living their passions.

What is your power outfit? My black leather jacket, big scarf, flowy top, black jeans, Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops, and red lips.

SING! What is your karaoke song? 'I know that there is pain but you hold on for one more day...' Hold On - Wilson Phillips

How do you handle setbacks? I wince, just a little bit (inside) and I carry on like I’ve got everything together. I don’t actually have it all together, but I’ve figured out a way to convince everyone around me that I know what I should do next. In my head, I work through the stress and panic that arises and then I try to figure it all out, trusting that I can get through it.

After all, our 'setbacks are the platform for our comebacks.'

Gut reaction, what do you think of FAILURE? An opportunity. It’s the only time that you actually reflect on what you would do differently, how you can innovate, try something different, learn or grow to your fullest potential. The number of times I’ve failed is a testament to how much I’ve learned.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE. By asking for what I need. Period. This is a work in progress and something I am 100% committed to. By doing what I absolutely love and being authentic doing it…nerdy, cool, funny, loving, generous me all of the time. By being vulnerable…and finding a tribe of people I can rely on, entrust, love and be generous with.

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