Ashley Bourgeois


This week meet Winnipeg yogi, Ashley Bourgeois!  As the owner and founder of the yoga+nature+empowerment movement that is Shakti SUP + SNOW, Ashley is an outdoor junkie with a hint of sass and powerful goals on and off the yoga mat.  She loves pushing people out of their comfort zone, be it yoga on a SUP board, rocking on a snowboard or in a real conversation. You know we dig that at Rock Your Bliss.

What rocks your bliss? Nature and connecting people to nature (outdoors or their own), Days with perfect snowfalls, cold noses and rosey cheeks, sweaty beautiful yoga classes.

Describe your perfect day.Depends on the time of year, Summer its playing outside in the water, going for a paddle, reading a book in my hammock and a yoga practice. In fall and spring its going for a walk or a longboard with Mojo (my dog), a latte with friends, curling up with my journal and getting to my mat. In the winter, my perfect day is snowboarding in the mountains, waking up to a beautiful snowfall, shredding all day and practicing yoga in the evening and having some yummy dinner with friends.  

Share a huge goal you are rocking. I love getting people out of their autopilot routine mode; , right now I am evolving my business and planning new adventures to bring my loves together. Yoga+people+radical nature= epic adventures!!!!

How do you celebrate you?By going to my cabin, and this fall an epic mountain adventure! taking time to UNPLUG.

What inspires you?Courageous people that go balls out in life, my students, trying new things and getting excited about possibility!!!!

What is your power outfit?Moccasins, black yoga tights, layered tank, long sleeve possibly some plaid, my Hamsa necklace, a mala and if its fall probably a beanie

SING, what is your karaoke song?Singing Karaoke isn't on my top of this list of things to do but If I had to pick it would be Its a Beautiful Life by Ace of Base!

How do you handle setbacks? Not as setbacks, I try to see them as a sign from the universe that I need to check in with me, my core and what I am doing.

Gut reaction, what do you think of failure?POSSIBILITY!

3 ways you rock the self LOVE: 1: Journaling at the lake 2: Going floating, or a warm bath and a good book 3: getting to my mat or touching base with nature