Pei Sim


This week, meet Austin heartbeat, the creative and crafty Pei Sim, owner of p.s. Paper Shoppe.  With a love of all things paper and a self-proclaimed right brainer, Pei creates handmade stationary and paper goods for every day.  We made Rock Your Bliss custom design 'Plot Twist, Add Bliss' cards for our recent workshop at Wanderlust Fest Squaw Valley and loved, loved, loved working with Pei and supporting her local craft!

What rocks your bliss? Creating . Whether it’s crafting, designing, choreographing, or creating space on my mat to explore and play. Connecting. It rocks my soul to the core to connect with the people around me. Bonus if there is full on belly laughs involved. Nature. Something about having my toes in the san, sun on my skin and smell of salty air makes me want to instinctively do a happy dance.

Describe your perfect day? Waking up to puppy snuggles, a fresh cup of coffee brewing and smell of sizzling bacon. Jotting down outlandish ideas and doodling in my note book before heading out on the water to spend the day with those nearest and dearest to me. Ending the day with sunkissed skin, good food, belly laughs and of course dessert!

Share a huge goal you are rocking? Representing one of the two paper crafters/small businesses from Texas as a 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Finalist!

How do you celebrate you? Carving out time to get myself on my mat and stepping outside of my comfort zone with things I mentally tell myself I can’t do.

What inspires you? Folks who push boundaries, step outside of the box, jump in with both feet and chase after their goals!

What is your power outfit? Stretchy pants, layered tank top and button up shirt, vinyasa scarf (if it’s not on me, there’s always one tucked away in my bag)

SING! What is your karaoke song? I want you to want me- Cheap Trick, although I will preface I make up my own words when I don’t know the lyrics…and also I’m tone deaf so you better have the music turned up LOUD.

How do you handle setbacks? One of the most powerful things I’ve learned is to allow myself to feel both physically and mentally without self-judgement when things don’t go as I planned or envisioned. Giving myself the permission to feel whatever emotion and process it allows me to clearly rethink and redefine my goals.

Gut reaction, what do you think of FAILURE? Growth

3 ways your rock the self LOVE. 1) Dreaming big and having goals. 2) Hitting pause when the day/life gets a little crazy to take it all in. 3) Satiating my lust for wander one plane ticket at a time.


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