Samantha Bivenour


This week, meet Mama and Midwest heartbeat, Samantha Bivenour.  She is the Founder and Owner of SoakShoppe, an online market for homemade bath soaks, salts, scrubs  and fizzes.  A yogi and a marathon runner. A feeler of all feelings. An amazing writer on her blogs, Feeling Wholeheartedly and Marley's Mom, meet Sam.

What rocks your bliss? So many things! Writing, long distance running, yoga, yoga, yoga, coffee, my little one's giggles, and witnessing others achieve their goals.

Describe your perfect day.It's Fall. I lace up and go for a morning run. The air is crisp and I hear the sound of crunching leaves beneath my sneakers. When I return home my husband is making breakfast and my daughter is playing with her toys. We spend all afternoon  at a local farm picking the perfect pumpkins and enjoying a nice long hay ride. After dinner we put the baby to bed and head outside to light a bonfire. Our friends and family  join us and we spend the evening bundled in blankets, sipping spiced cider, and sharing stories. 

Share a huge goal you are rocking.We are working on our big move home to Ohio! We are ready to surround ourselves with family and begin the next chapter of our lives!

How do you celebrate you? I really enjoy sharing my accomplishments and living as an example for others that you really can have/do/be anything you want. I also really value and cherish alone time and for that nothing beats a nice long run or a soak in the tub!

What inspires you? Seeing someone accomplish something they didn't think was possible for themselves.

What is your power outfit? Straight hair. Aviators. White button up shift. Skinny jeans. Frye boots. WATCH OUT!

SING, what is your karaoke song? Spin Doctors- Two Princes

How do you handle setbacks?Initially, I get frustrated and may cry and/or use profanity. Then I remind myself that success is determined by how you handle setbacks. I take a deep breathe and remember that I am in control of how I react to any given situation and I choose to keep pushing forward every single day.

Gut reaction, what do you think of failure? I wouldn't be where I am today without having failed miserably dozens of times. If I fail I know I know I'm doing something right. Learn and move on.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE. 1. Put down the phone. 2. Go to yoga. 3. Take a BATH- adults do not take enough baths!