Anna Kauppila Morris


This week, meet Houston heartbeat Anna Kauppila Morris of You Glow Now. We recently met Anna when she attended three of our workshops down south and we can verify it - this girl most certainly does glow. She's open hearted, creative and playful with a powerful, grounded presence. We can't wait to see all that Anna brings to the world!

What rocks your bliss? There is nothing I love more than listening for the gold in people and pointing it out to them…and then making a connection with someone in my circle that can help them get where they want to go!  I crave real, honest, brave connection.

Describe your perfect day? I’m about to do it!  Write my morning pages for The Artist’s Way, take the dog for a walk, followed by a killer spin class with a friend at Revolution Studio; coffee with my spin date, and then off to teach a yoga class.  The afternoon consists of working and/or creating.  Today I’m taking myself on my Artist Date (as per The Artist’s Way weekly assignment) to see the movie Lucy, then wine with a friend followed by dinner at home with my new husband and dog.  Lately we’ve been watching Game of Thrones, but now that football season is starting, I’m thinking that will change…lol!

Share a huge goal you are rocking? Creating a new social networking company for people who live from their WHY.

How do you celebrate you? Taking myself to the movies, going to yoga, walking the dog with no distractions, driving and singing loudly, letting myself mess-up.

What inspires you? Messiness, when people are vulnerable, when I’m vulnerable. When I ask or am asked for help.  When I admit I don’t know, or that I really do know.  Honesty.

What is your power outfit? James Perse black t-shirt dress with lots of gold chains and the gold lizard heels I wore when I got married.

SING, what is your karaoke song? "Jessie’s Girl" with my sister

How do you handle setbacks? I don’t see them as setbacks.  I see them as gifts to putting me on the right path.

Gut reaction, what do you think of FAILURE? I used to use that word all the time, but I gave it up a few years ago.  It just never made me feel good, so I got rid of it.  Now it’s just not in my vocabulary.  I believe that words shape our reality, and I’m very careful about the words that I use.  When I think of “failure,” I see a path that wasn’t actually intended for me.  I allow myself to breathe, take the time that I need to move through the feelings of frustration and inadequacy (or anything that comes up), and then I move on, thankful for the experience.

3 ways your rock the self LOVE. Getting my hair and nails done, writing every morning…no matter what excuse I have that I don’t have time, and letting my husband hold and comfort me.  That last one has been the hardest one yet, and I’m recognizing that it is the most necessary.