Cait Wharton


This week, meet amazing human being and mastermind in design, Cait Wharton of SweatShop Creative. Canadian heartbeat, India soul. Animal lover and tree hugger. That truth-telling friend with no sugar-coating allowed.  Beyond creative. So beautiful.  Shine on.

What rocks your bliss? Fresh Air. Nature. Mountains. Trees. Critters. Outside everything all the time.

Describe your perfect day.Trail run with my blind dog Oscar, a delicious coffee (or three), hours spent at the farmers market, time hangin in the studio with a blank sketchbook and of course hosting a dinner party and mixing cocktails for my nearest and dearests.

Share a huge goal you are rocking. Gulp. Collaboration is the name of my game and founding a branding agency has been my biggest goal for the last five years. Sweatshop Creative is so new that it still has its bubble wrap on, and I can’t wait to let it out to the world.

How do you celebrate you?Making sure there is always a bottle of bubbly being chilled in the fridge. There is no victory too tiny or feat too small to not celebrate. Cheers.

What inspires you?Beautiful designs and packaging (let’s be honest, mostly wine labels), mountain adventures, and hearing people talk about what lights them up. On FIRE!

What is your power outfit?Impossibly large scarves, boyfriend jeans, too many stackable rings, and anything that pairs with high tops.

SING, what is your karaoke song?Well, I would rather dunk my head in a shark tank than belt out a tune in public, but you can rest assured I have been known to rock out at the top of my lungs to ‘raspberry beret’ in the shower.

How do you handle setbacks?By running away… literally. I power down all electronics and lace up the sneakers. Once sufficiently sweaty and oxygenated, I’m ready to flip the page and start fresh… usually with a much more badass approach.

Gut reaction, what do you think of failure?Such a glorious part of life. (asterix: this is a new attitude: failing used to make me doubt myself and give up… until I realized how valuable it is to the life process. Failures seem like lucky strokes now because they’re a chance to test yourself if you’re truly on the right path.

3 ways you rock the self LOVE. 1. Making working out a downright necessity. 2. ALWAYS justifying buying fresh new white Chuck Taylors3. Powering down at 5pm and on the weekends. It took two years of freelancing to understand that my time is as valuable when I’m working as when I’m playing.