Rosie Acosta

Meet Rosie Acosta! Rosie is a Yoga and Meditation teacher that has become an expert at helping her students cultivate a life of mindfulness, presence, and bold intentions. Her goal is to guide students into experiencing a deeper connection with themselves and exploring the consistent changes of life while creatively weaving in spiritual elements of yoga into their own practice and experience. She is a big advocate of RADICAL SELF-LOVE and uses this as a guiding force to overcome adversity. Currently Rosie is writing a book about Yoga and Meditation and how we use these modalities as tools for transformation. 

Check out Rosie's inspiring podcast called Radically Loved here! We were honored to be featured and loved chatting with her about how we navigate life, business, friendship and how we use the tools we teach, everyday! 

What rocks your bliss? 

My tribe rocks my bliss, Since re-locating back to Los Angeles from Portland, my intention has been to re-connect with my friends + family. But mostly to find that special group of people that is going to push me, and inspire me to continue to create, and to encourage me to stay on my lane. I feel that having mentors, friends, community, family invites powerful growth into your life. For me, my tribe is everything #blissfam 

Describe your perfect day. 

Every day and moment I get to be with my beloved Mr. Torry Pendergrass... and my two pups rocky and chewy (short for chewbacca of course) is the perfect day.

When do you feel most creative and alive?

When I am still, preferably close to a body of water…or a majestic mountain. 

Share a huge goal you are rocking.

I have always been a creative being, mostly this has been expressed through creative writing as a young kid. I grew up in East Los Angeles during a time when I around a lot of gang violence and drug use. I wrote my first book when I was six years old and my first grade teacher laminated it for me and said it would be a best seller one day, I have that book to this day and I would be mortified if anyone ever read what I wrote in there. It was a collection of short essay’s, and journal entries from my first year in school, as well as some catalog clippings, one I clearly remember being of a woman holding a vacuum, which I will guiltily admit I never learned to use until I was in my mid-twenties… (just use a broom?). Throughout the years I continued to write, be it my journal, creating short stories, abysmal attempts at poetry. I can appreciate it now, currently I am writing a book about Yoga and Meditation and how I used those modalities to transform my life, and how I’ve seen it transform the life of my students. 

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going? 

The Temples of Bagan sit within central Burma (Myanmar) and was built as the capital of ancient Myanmar. The temples are the largest concentration of Buddhist temples, most of which dating back to the 12th and 11th centuries.

How do you handle setbacks?

Well, first, I have about 90 seconds of a meltdown, then it passes, I take a deep breath and remember that We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea.. and then I just continue trekking along. 

How do you come home to yourself? 

That’s easy… my yoga mat, that little magic carpet travels the world wherever I go. I practice. 

What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE? 

I have a ritual. I believe that most successful people I look up to have a ritual that they do no matter what. I wake up every morning about the same time 4:45am, I do a short yoga practice, I meditate for 45min-1hr then i go for a run, or a hike, or something that demands sweat. If I do all of this before 8am, I know my day is going to be EPIC and I feel pretty good about what my vessel has done for itself. 

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Doubt Your Doubt

Putting yourself out there can be terrifying. It's not something that came naturally to me, but more like a muscle I had to exercise and train.

Telling people I was leaving a job at National Geographic at 24 to pursue freelance writing and yoga teaching was not a supportive experience. Most people looked at me like I'd just said I was relocating to Mars to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

"What about your health insurance?"

"After going to journalism school you're going to be a yoga teacher?"

"Um.. good luck."

Had I listened to these naysayers (and boy, there were a lot of them) I'd most certainly still be sitting at a desk. Going to a lot of happy hours. And I'd likely be very, very unhappy.

I was totally unsure that I could make it happen but even the thought of the risk made me feel more alive and joyful than I'd been in a very long time.

Doubt your doubt.

As one of my favorite coaches Brooke Castillo says, "Self doubt are thoughts that don't support us in our capabilities. Our ability to grow is our ability to move beyond doubtful thinking."

For the past few weeks I've been working with a talented life coach Mandy Vickers to look at my habitual thought patterns and ways of being. To have a compassionate but awake perspective to check in with every single Friday has felt like such an immense support.

Today she encouraged me to create two new belief systems for myself:

"Everything is as it should be."

"The world needs my work."

And now those beliefs are on a Post-It on my bathroom mirror to remind myself several times a day.

The first belief came pretty easily. Felt comfortable and sweet, in fact. That second one felt hard. It felt "conceited."

Reframe: The world needs my work because I have a unique offering. I'm willing to bear my underbelly. To be responsible and committed in my action.

All a work in progress. And all as it should be.

- MB LaRue


The Karma Boomerang

I have been exploring the words ‘energetic responsibility’ in my life in the past months, the understanding that we have control of our emotions, our energy we bring into a space and how we react or respond in situations. And how this self awareness of our own energy really creates our legacy now, who we are in the present and how we are remembered moment to moment.

One of my favorite quotes that is actually printed and framed in my office is from Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and it reads:

“Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.”

And THIS exact responsibility has been my practice (emphasis on practice, as there is no such as thing as perfect, especially in this work) for years now.

THIS is why I go to to yoga, to be more human.

THIS is why I run, to calm the mind and create clarity.

THIS is why I hike the mountains amongst the trees, so that I can remember we are all connected always. 

THIS is why I read ALL the self help books, so I can continue to learn about myself and show up in all my grace.

THIS is why I have friends that will tell it to me straight talk style, so I can understand from people I love and who love me how I have an impact on them, when I rock and when I don’t.

THIS is why I continue to be a student, so I can respect those that have paved the way, learn from them, hone my craft and offer my gifts.

THIS is why I am married to a man that has always told me the truth and loves my soul in all its naked, raw and honest glory, so that I can choose to be in partnership every single morning and know that he has choice in the matter, too - so I best get responsible! And because I believe teamwork makes the dream work, and it work (wink).

HIS is why I rock the self care and practice self love like it is my job, so that I can be a Mama that is present, grounded and one badass example to my daughter. 

THIS is why I co-founded a bliss business, so that I can stand in all my power and create somethings for you, for the World with another woman standing in all her power that we are proud of.  With the support of a partner who will hold me up, trust so deeply, call me out, and catch me when I fall and vice versa, I sing the song ‘ain’t no stopping us now, we on the move!’

And it takes guts. It truly takes guts to remove the blinders, sit alone and think for a while, and listen to your impact. The understanding that you have an impact matters.

You matter.

I matter.

When we begin to consciously show up all-in-all-human, this is where we give the most. And to be honest, this is where we get the most. The most of out of life.

Like a karma boomerang and the Rembrandt song from the 90s, you get what you give. Are you being responsible with the energy you bring into this space?

It matters.

- Jacki Carr

Photo X Tayler Carlisle

How To Avoid Comparison In The Age Of Instagram

 :: Originally published on MindBodyGreen. ::

Ever fall victim to the "grass is always greener" shtick? Me too. In a world of highly curated social media posts, airbrushed magazine covers, and tabloid gossip, it's easy to feel like you're constantly missing something.

As co-founders of a yoga-inspired coaching movement, we have gone down the comparison rabbit hole enough times to have some insight into how we pull ourselves (and each other!) out of it. Do we still find ourselves staring cross-eyed at Instagram photos of the mom who does "it all" or the celebrity yoga teacher who travels the world and still manages to seem balanced and refreshed? Of course! We're human and everything is a practice.

These tricks have helped stop the comparison game in its tracks. Try a few out the next time you find yourself getting discouraged by your feed:

1. Know your core values.
Know what is most important to you and create thoughts, action, and goals from this rooted truth. Creating clarity in what you actually want to be doing (in this moment, in five years, in this lifetime) will alleviate the mental drama that occurs when we see what the proverbial Joneses are doing and asking how to keep up. Know what makes you unique and what makes your heart beat. Then chase that.

2. Get grateful.
When we operate from scarcity—this conversation in our heads about what "they" have and what we don't have—it takes up space and time in our brain that we could be using and spending on way better ideas. Like how grateful we are for the job we have, the food on our plate, the love of friends and family, even the iPhone we're using to scroll. Comparison takes us out of the present moment and into some gnarly storytelling. But from this grateful space, we can get present once again.

3. Love the world up.
Send out compassion on a local level or go big and get global with it. Take a moment to send love and compassion to those suffering, to those healing, to those who might have it not as good as you. While this might be the reverse psychology game of comparison, instead of coming from a place of judgment, you can come from a place of love and kindness.

4. Try out JOMO.
Explore the idea of JOMO—the joy of missing out. When you take a break from real life to hit that Instagram scroll and see that yoga teacher and all your friends sipping coconuts in Bali, you have one of two options. You can freak out with FOMO, a fear of missing out, and feel your body and face contort into a full-frown revolution. Or you can be happy for our friends and the choices they made to get there. Send them a note that you cannot wait to hear about their adventure. And try to mean it.

5. Get inspired.
Take your comparison and flip it on its head to inspiration. When you feel yourself in the depths of comparison, can you take a moment to see if the feeling is actually rooted in jealousy? Can you ask yourself what it would take for you to get there and start to create goals in the future so that you can be in that picture in Bali?


Rachel Jackson

Meet Rachel Jackson! Rachel is an ERYT 500 Yoga Alliance certified teacher, mama to Eloise, and a legacy ambassador for the Lululemon. All of Rachel’s classes are centered around a unique physical and a spiritual theme which is woven throughout every heart opening, alignment specific practice. Over the past ten years, Rachel has taught at the best studios in Los Angeles including Equinox, Urth Yoga, Exhale, Black Dog Yoga, The Springs, and now, Wanderlust Hollywood.  She has lead teacher trainings in Los Angeles and leads retreats all over the world.  If you are a rock star teacher or if you have never stepped on a yoga mat, you are welcome in her class! Her mission in class is that you feel better when you leave then when you walked in the door.

What rocks your bliss? 

Cuddling with Eloise.  

Describe your perfect day. 

My perfect day starts with grabbing a cappuccino at Blacktop Coffee in DTLA.  Then breakfast with my family.  I take a class from one of my friends/favorite teachers in LA.   I have dinner with my best friend Hayley which involves drinks and a deep dive talk about whatever is on our minds.  I finish my day coming home to the best husband in the world, mine.

When do you feel most creative and alive? 

When my mind and my heart are unified in action. This happens when I teach yoga, when I'm standing up for something I believe in, and also trying new recipes!

Share a huge goal you are rocking.  

God! There are so many right now! One goal is streaming my classes. There are a handful of them that should be up on Wanderlust TV soon. 

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?  

Skiing!  Northstar, Telluride, Park City, The Alps, anywhere there is snow.  I am not a jealous person by nature.  I usually find myself filled with a sense of mudita (sanskrit for selfless joy) as I scroll through instagram.  Delighting in other people's delight. But when I see friends enjoying fab ski vacations, I get super jealous.  Slope side is one of my favorite ways to vacation and I do not do it enough.   

How do you handle setbacks?

I hunker down and I strategize. I usually bounce back fairly quickly. The one downside to my way of handling setbacks is that I don't let myself sit with the feelings for very long.  

How do you come home to yourself? 

I get on my mat. I practice yoga.  I cook something hearty and delicious.  

What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?

Honestly, its always been hard for me to take time to practice self care. Since becoming a mother, it has become so much more challenging. (btw, I cannot believe how much I say that..."since I became I mom" I used to roll my eyes a little when I heard people say that but I was so naive to how blissfully life altering motherhood actually is).   But I want to teach Eloise, my daughter, that she needs to take care of herself so I have been making conscious efforts to try.  

So, my three self love acts are oil, art and coffee.  I do is an oil massage after I get out of the shower. If I have a lot of time, I'll really indulge.  But even if I'm rushing to get out the door, I take the time to oil-up. I usually mix coconut oil or shea butter with some of my essential oils that I blend myself.  That tiny action makes me feel like I'm taking care of myself. I go look at art. Spending time wandering around museums and going to theater is something that fuels my spirit like nothing else. It lights me up from the inside out. Every morning, I make a really good cappuccino for myself.   

instagram: @rachelgrantjackson




Bliss List: January

Welcome to the Bliss List. Every month we'll be putting together a Bliss List, a hodgepodge of what we're loving and what has inspired us over the past month.

January was a whirlwind month for the both of us and yet, such an intentional start to the year. We got right to work on many of the projects we've been dreaming, we marched for women both in DC and Colorado and we led our first retreat of the year to Ojai.

A few things we're crushing on this month:

  • Podcast love. We were invited onto our first podcast together with Rosie Acosta of Radically Loved. We talk how the creation of Rock Your Bliss, our relationships and choice in our beliefs. Tune in here.
  • 7 Weeks to Bliss. We are halfway through our third offering of 7 Weeks to Bliss. These past few weeks have been full-to-the-brim of vulnerable conversation, inspiring goals and a radical community. If you wanna join our next offering, you can sign up for the wait list here.
  • Getting outside. We both had ample opportunities to get into the mountains this month and breathe some of that fresh alpine air. There's nothing better than unplugging and enjoying quality time with the ones we love.
  • Free yoga. MB launched new classes at YogaAnytime. She filmed several thirty minute slow flows themed around twists, arm balancing and heart opening. Click here for 30 free days of practice.
  • Beauty ritual. Winter wreaks havoc on our skin. We love our holistic beauty rituals from brand Pura Botanicals. A few of our favorites: Botanical Bloom Essence, Lolita Face Drops and Winter Botanical Perfume Oil.
  • Butter coffee. Jacki loves waking up to the opportunity to sip her favorite coffee concoction of grass-fed butter, organic coconut oil and a touch of heavy cream (indulge!). Mix into a delicious Americano or coffee of choice. Blend and enjoy!  
  • BeLove. We love clothes with a mission. Our new BeLove RADICAL LOVE flow tees are a great reminder of self love and global love as a radical stand for what we believe in. Portions of the proceeds from the clothing line go to The Alexandria House, learn more here!
  • Samaya. These luxurious and beautifully constructed mediation cushions are an intentional reminder to slip into stillness every day. Jacki even gives herself a gold star on her calendar every time she sits down to mediate, hello accountability. We are loving the creating time and space to sit in this new season.
  •  The Moon Deck. We love this stunning oracle deck for daily inquiry and soul-support. Jenny loves spending time pulling cards for gentle reminders of mindful living through her week, day and year. It's a co-creative act to be in communication with your desires, dreams, and goals for the year ahead.