Making Shift Happen is our motto. It’s how we live and how we thrive.

Our unique combination of yoga + coaching brings action to intention. It's how dreams become reality. Through years of friendship, many sweaty yoga classes and game-changing conversations over green juice or coffee, we've found a combination that is truly transformational.

Rock Your Bliss offers radical coaching to help you design a life that.. well.. rocks your bliss.. We foster community through self development practices, vulnerable conversations and applicable tools.

What's most important to us? Our values are COMMUNITY | AUTHENTICITY | SELF REALIZATION | PLAY.

We want you to wake up on a Monday and love what you do. We want to get to know you and for you to know us: real, honest, nitty-gritty down to the good stuff. 

Meet the Founders

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Meet Mary Beth LaRue

Mary Beth LaRue is a yoga teacher, life coach, writer and mama. She’s an Iowa girl living blissfully in Silver Lake, Los Angeles with her husband, Baby A and  their lovable English bulldog, Rosy. Whether it’s through a sweaty yoga practice, a gratitude meditation, or a conversation over coffee about life goals, her mission is to lead people toward their bliss. Sustainable, fulfilling bliss.

During her journey of teaching yoga for almost a decade, she's traveled the world teaching professional cyclists yoga, she's shared a stage with Michael Franti and even designed custom yoga programs for rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters and the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles. She's taught at multiple Wanderlust Festivals, created an online program for Yoga Journal and got certified in life coaching from Martha Beck. She's been featured in Yoga Journal, Huffington Post, National Geographic Traveler and LA Yoga.

MB has over 700 hours of training through Flow Yoga Center, YogaWorks and Wanderlust and has trained with Kia Miller, Schuyler Grant and Chad Dennis.

MB truly believe in the power of connection - vulnerable, raw and real - and believes our most powerful and potent practice happens off of our yoga mat.

Let's hang:

Meet Jacki Carr

Jacki Carr is a goal coach, writer, motivational speaker and mama. You can find her in Denver, Colorado hiking with her man, little girl Evi and two pups all over the Rocky Mountains. As a leader in transformation, her coaching style includes real + honest conversations and true connection to your most powerful and whole self.

Jacki has been coaching goals since 2009 and has a true passion for inspiring others to live their best lives and holding them accountable. She speaks to being more human inspired by the likes of Brene Brown, Susanne Conrad and Marti Carr (yep, her Mama).

She has her Lightyear Leadership certification, her 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification, and Gems of Excellence Level 1 & 2 certifications. She believes in a World where we all truly belong and each and every one of us has unique gifts to contribute. 

She has worked brand & culture with companies such as:  PatagoniaFacebookSeek Retreat, & TOMS.  

Jacki, as a true nature junkie, believes in getting outside to connect with the bigger picture AND reading a delicious book to connect with our own human nature. 

Jacki is absolutely alive when she is of service as a catalyst for people getting possible and rocking their goals.  She has the keen ability to listen on a deeper level, see the big picture and be absolutely real and honest with you.

Let's hang:



Jenny Newell
Community Cultivator

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Meghan McCoy
Bliss Recruiter

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Matt Hoglund
Tech Support

We believe that balance and good conversation is key.

We believe in community. In collaboration.

We believe in positive vibrations and the Light at the center of every being.

We are yogis who like our practice sweaty and we like our margaritas on the rocks.

We are the adventure seekers, the lovers, the ones on the dance floor.

We believe in sleeping under the stars and playing in the ocean, forever and ever.

We believe in fire pit story telling, s’mores, and coffee cups half full.

We believe in feeding curiosity and starting every single day with a grateful heart.

We believe in shedding worn-out ways of living.

We believe in packing our backpacks and running off to Mexico.

We believe in coming home.

We believe in transformation, and loving the process.

We believe that Love wins. Always and forever.

We didn’t just choose this, we are this.

Rock Your Bliss.