How do I rock my own bliss?

What are my soul values and how do I get grounded?

How do I want to feel? what will I create?

What do I want, truly?

What is love, baby don’t hurt me. (now you’re singing that song…)

The words I speak create my reality. What am i listening to?

What does my future look like?

What, who and how can I learn to trust?


Do these questions feel familiar? would you find them in an old journal? do they trigger an old memory?

IF SO...

Registration for our 2019 7 Weeks to Bliss program is now open!

The first call will begin on

Tuesday February 5th, 2019.


Mary Beth LaRue and Jacki Carr here, the co-Founders of Rock Your Bliss. We are a yoga-inspired coaching movement for the mind and body offering workshops, retreat and online programs on a global level. We are so excited to offer you our very own Seven Weeks to Bliss program. We created this offering so that you can experience our favorite tools, insights and inspiration from our own life practices and learnings. We are really grateful to have one another for support and accountability in blisscrafting and through this program you will have the same.

What’s Included in the Program?

+ A 27 page digital bliss workbook with weekly homework to cultivate and craft your bliss.

+ Weekly Rock Your Bliss videos in your inbox to share each week's content.

+ A private Facebook accountability group for resource sharing, community building and connection.

+ Weekly recorded conference calls on Tuesday eves with us LIVE to take the material deeper, together.

+  A 1 month access code to Mary Beth’s yoga classes on Yoga Anytime.

+ A new set of tools and perspectives to rock your bliss, your way.


— -Meghan McCoy, Des Moines, Iowa

Our Curriculum



This week, we will dive into your roots, your home base and explore your values and soul. We will discover your inner GPS and explore the practice of living in alignment with our values.



Week 2 - Embody: 

This week, we will explore how you feel and what you choose to create. Everything has the potential to be expressed creatively and honestly. This expression is what makes you, you.


Week 3 - Create

In this week, we will explore the ego and the power in knowing what you do want and what you do not want. Distinguishing between external power versus the power within, it can be beautifully quiet there.


Week 4: Love

This week we will journey to the heart. We will adventure into love in all forms, the giving and receiving.


Week 5: Speak

In this section, we are talking communication. The ability to communicate is your bridge; how you convey your inside world to the outside world


Week 6: See

Resistance creates more of the same but trying on a new perspective is a way to create your life moment to moment. Let’s dive into the future and go see your vision for your beautiful and blissed life.


Week 7: Trust

When you lean into the present moment, get aligned in your body and fully trust that there is a greater connection at work, this is where you rock the bliss.

Let’s explore any lingering blocks and talk about not only trust in others, but also the ability TO trust in ourselves.

Any questions? Send them our way

Through this work, I was actually finally able to quit a job that was no longer serving me to take a larger leap into the unknown! Jacki and MB are deeply in love with this work and seeing both of them dig into and try on this soul work right alongside us made me feel so supported and truly seen.
— Jenny Newell, Los  Angeles, CA



REMINDER: You get what you give. The work will go as deeply as you do. Together, we can listen in, speak up and learn from one another. Commit fully to the next seven weeks as an investment into yourself and your bliss. These tools will be yours to practice, emphasis on the word ‘practice’, for the rest of time. Let’s live our lives rocking the bliss, together.


In Bliss,

Mary Beth LaRue & Jacki Carr



Q: What if I have to miss the conference calls, will I miss a bulk of the program?

A: Not at all. The program is built to be go-at-your-own-pace.  All of the calls will be recorded and sent directly to you to listen in at your leisure! We get that life gets busy, we wanted to create a program that was accessible and still accountable!

Q: What can I expect each week?

A: Each week, you will be delivered an email containing the Bliss Module for the week. The email will include a video from us, workbook notes, an exercise and a journal prompt for the week. The Facebook page and LIVE conference calls are available to share notes, ideas, thoughts, and questions that come up along the way, and to create community!

Q: What if I don't have Facebook?

A:  No problem. MB actually created a Facebook account just for this program where she accepts no friends, only in the 7 Weeks to Bliss group. Or, we can set you up with an email partner to discuss the content!

After following Jacki and MB on Instagram, for like ever, I decided to just commit and do it. I’ve done aspects of this work before, but never in such depth or with such realness. They way Jacki and MB hold space is just so beautiful. It enabled me to be honest with myself and clear a few blockages to make way for some major bliss.
— Kelly Trach